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BSA Wolf Supplemental Den Meeting Plan H – Even More Spare Time Fun

BSA provides Wolf den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders. Today’s plan is a supplemental den meeting plan in which Wolf Cub Scouts build and fly kites.  This plan covers part of  Wolf Elective 5 – Spare Time Fun.

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Supplemental Wolf Den Meeting Plan H to follow along with this article.

Wolf Den Meeting Plans –  Even More Spare Time Fun

Preparation and Before the Meeting

Find a good location for your kite building and flying activity. A park with some picnic tables would be ideal. Get your kite flying supplies together and prepare for some fun!

Gathering, Opening, and Business

See my Gathering Activities page for ideas for the gathering time. Do an opening flag ceremony.


First talk about Wolf Elective 5a:

Explain safety rules for kite flying.

There is a good list of safety rules  in the den meeting plan.

Next, make some kites for Elective 5b

Make and fly a paper bag kite.

Look in the Wolf Handbook for instructions. There are also some excellent step-by-step instructions for building paper bag kites from G-Kites.  See the Lawrence Hall of Science for instructions for a lunch sack kite.

Once you have made the kites, go fly them.


Do a closing flag ceremony.

After the Meeting

The Wolves should clean up any mess from the kite building. And this is a good opportunity to line up some parents to help with the next meeting.

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