Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 5 – Tools for Fixing and Building

Wolf Achievement 5 (Tools for Fixing and Building) is a fun, hands-on achievement for the Wolves. Boys of all ages love getting to work with tools. Make sure you cover safety with them. They need to know that tools can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Also talk about watching for sharp edges when making the tin can lanterns. Printable copy of  Den Meeting Plan for Wolf Achievement 5 – Tools for Fixing and Building (includes timeline)

Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Tools for Fixing and Building

Preparation Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:

  • A US flag. If you have a Den or Pack flag, bring that also.
  • An assortment of tools for requirement 5a.
  • pliers
  • Phillips head and standard head screwdrivers and screws
  • Scrap board
  • Materials for the tin can lanterns
  • Printouts for the meeting

Gathering Activity

  • Hand Tools Puzzle (For fun and to start requirement 5a)
  • Prep one Scout to plan and lead opening flag ceremony (Wolf requirement 2b for the scout leading)


  • Simple opening flag ceremony – could just be the Pledge of Allegiance


  • Lay out an assortment of hand tools and talk about them (Requirement 5a)
  • Practice using pliers. Pick up some nails or screws with them (Requirement 5b)
  • Practice using the Phillips and standard screwdrivers (Requirement 5c)
  • Practice using the hammer (Requirement 5d)
  • Make  Tin Can Lanterns . If time and materials permit, let each Scout make two or three. (Requirement 5e)


  • Hand out recognitions
  • Announcements for upcoming pack and den events
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3 Responses to Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 5 – Tools for Fixing and Building

  1. Michelle Christensen November 2, 2010 at 8:25 AM #

    I like the tic tac toe game.

    Another fun idea for building a useful something is to make a napkin holder.
    Materials: 3 X 1 length of wood; thin plywood; small nails; sandpaper; stain or paint

    For the base, take the 3 X 1 and have the boys saw off a section about seven inches long.
    For the sides, make two rectangles of thin plywood measuring 7″ X 5″ (You may want to cut these yourself)
    After these are all cut, sand the edges of all three pieces to make them smooth.
    Stain the wood (or paint it)
    Nail the sides to the base.
    This makes a great gift for moms or grandmas!

  2. dk June 5, 2012 at 5:33 PM #

    The chain hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot) usually have kids’ building projects they do once a month.

    I called and talked to the manager, he gladly gave me as many building kits as I need, along with extras like aprons, decorative pins and certificates.

  3. Janie Christensen February 11, 2015 at 9:07 PM #

    Tin Can Lanterns proved to be a very difficult and frustrating craft. Nailing holes through a tin can is actually a lot more difficult than it sounds! Our scouts got frustrated and were only able to hammer one or two holes in the cans. The adults had to start the holes for them in most cases. I suggest a different building exercise.

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