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Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 9 – Be Safe at Home and on the Street

This achievement  is a little dry, so it needs some fun injected. One way to do this is to go for a short bike ride, which fits in with the requirements. Just ride around the building at the meeting space a few times or do a brief ride in the neighborhood. If nothing else, you can set up some cones in a corner of the parking lot and have a mini bike rodeo.

If the bicycle ride is not possible, just take a quick “urban hike” around the neighborhood. Or play an organized game or two. Do something active, but somewhat structured.

Part of the achievement must be done at home, so send them home with some printed aids to remind the parents to help their sons finish up.

There is some overlap with the Bicycling belt loop requirements, so you can also send those home with your Wolves in case any of them want to finish the belt loop requirements also.

Printable copy of  Den Meeting Plan for Wolf Achievement 9 – Be Safe at Home and on the Street (includes timeline)

Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Be Safe at Home and on the Street


Tell Scouts beforehand that they should bring bicycles and helmets to the meeting. Also, make sure you have enough adults to monitor the bike ride.

Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:

  • A US flag. If you have a Den or Pack flag, bring that also.
  • Printouts for the meeting

Gathering Activity

Do a bicycle safety check

Prep one Scout to plan and lead opening flag ceremony (Wolf requirement 2b for the scout leading)


Simple opening flag ceremony – could just be the Pledge of Allegiance


Character Connection for Responsibility (Requirement 9a)

Talk about home hazards and fire safety in the home (Preparation for requirements 9b and 9c)

Talk about road safety and bicycle safety (Requirements 9d and 9e) – See Bike Hike Safety and Etiquette

Take a short bike ride around the outside of the meeting area, practicing bicycle and street safety


Hand out recognitions

Announcements for upcoming pack and den events

Hand out  Home Safety Checklist for Cub Scouts and Fire Drill Instructions . Remind the Cub Scouts that requirements 9b and 9c must be finished at home. Also hand out the  Bicycling Belt Loop and Pin Requirements , in case any of them want to finish the belt loop.

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