Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 8: Cooking and Eating

A picnic is a nice way to end your Wolf year. If your Wolves have not completed Achievement 8: Cooking and Eating yet, you can incorporate some of the requirements.

Make sure you have enough adult help lined up for this meeting. With the grilling and the fire and the food, you will need more hands than usual. If this is your last Wolf meeting of the year, then try to get all of the parents to come. You can do an orientation for their Bear year and have parents sign up to help with various Bear achievements for the coming year.

Before the meeting

  • Purchase hot dogs or hamburgers, plates, and napkins for the picnic
  • Contact each scout’s family and ask them to send one food or drink item for the picnic. Be specific and assign items from different food groups so that you have a well balanced meal. Include things like buns for the hotdogs or hamburgers, fruits, raw vegetables, a healthy dessert, and a drink.

The meeting

Use a meeting space like a park or home where a grill is available

Gathering Activity: Have scouts prepare the picnic area and have an adult light the fire for the grill

Opening: Pledge of Allegience



Announcements: Hand out Home Assignments for Wolf Achievement 8

Closing: Have the Cub Scouts thank the adults who helped with the picnic. Then say the Cub Scout motto – “Do Your Best!”

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