Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 6 | Start a Collection

Wolf Achievement 6 – Start a Collection can be combined with the Collecting belt loop. Requirements 6b and 6c completely overlap with requirements 1 and 2 for the belt loop.

The third requirement for the belt loop is to visit a museum or center with a collection, so I recommend you try to turn this den meeting into a field trip. If you can’t, just meet at your regular location and have them do that requirement separately.

Remember, the collections they bring can be just about anything. When my den did this, some had traditional items like stamps or shells. One brought his Pokemon card collection,  all organized in a binder. Another brought some small toys (which must be popular because they all knew what they were) in an egg carton.

Printable copy of  Den Meeting Plan for Wolf Achievement 6 – Start a Collection (includes timeline)

Den Meeting Plan


Arrange to meet at a location which has a display of collections. This could be a museum, nature center, the visitor center at a park, etc. See if they have a meeting room or outdoor areawhere your group can meet for about a half hour to do the first requirements.

Remind the Scouts to bring a collection of 10 items or more, arranged into some sort of display with some labels.

Gathering Activity: Meet outside and look for things which are similar. See how many different nature “collections” you can discover. Remember Leave No Trace – don’t take items, just notice them.


Positive Attitude Character Connection (Requirement 6a)

Let the Scouts take turns showing off and explaining their collections (Requirement 6b and 6c, Collecting belt loop requirements 1 and 2)


Spend some time looking at the collections at the museum or center. (Collecting belt loop requirement 3)

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