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Wolf Den Meeting Plan for Achievement 11 – Duty to God

Wolf Achievement 11 – Duty to God – is all about faith. Don’t be afraid to talk about faith with your Cub Scouts. Even if your group represents very diverse faiths, they should be able to learn to talk about faith respectfully with each other. Lay down some ground rules before you start the discussion if necessary.

If your Pack is chartered to a religious organization, ask the minister to come talk to the group. This is a good opportunity to build the relationship with your charted organization.

You can also use this opportunity to introduce the religious emblems programs to your Wolves. If they all share the same faith, this is pretty straightforward. If they are more diverse, you can at least send them home with some information about how to get started. Here are some resources which might help you:

Printable copy of   Den Meeting Plan Wolf Achievement 11 – Duty to God (includes timeline)

Den Meeting Plan

Gathering Activity:  Cub Scout Core Values Crossword Puzzle

Opening -  Simple opening flag ceremony


  • Talk about respectful listening
  • Character Connection for Faith (Requirement 11a)
  • Talk about ways they can practice their religious beliefs (Requirement 11c)
  • Talk about ways they can help their place of worship (Requirement 11d)
  • Play an active game. (See Games for ideas)


  • Hand out recognitions
  • Announcements for upcoming den and pack events
  • Remind them to do one the things they discussed for 11c if they haven’t already
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