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BSA Wolf Supplemental Den Meeting Plan A – Grow Something and Bird Nests

BSA provides Wolf den meeting ideas for Cub Scout den leader. Today’s plan is a supplemental den meeting plan which gives Wolves the opportunity to do some activities related to nature.  This plan covers parts of Wolf Elective 13 – Birds and Wolf Elective 15 – Grow Something

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Supplemental Wolf Den Meeting Plan A to follow along with this article.

Wolf Den Meeting Ideas: BSA Supplemental Den Meeting Plan A – Grow Something and Bird Nests

Preparation and Before the Meeting

Most of the preparation for this meeting will involve getting permission to do some gardening.  Check with your chartered organization, local schools and churches, and your local parks department.

You will also need to gather the materials listed in the plan beforehand.


See my gathering activities page for some ideas.


Do a simple opening flag ceremony. If a flag pole is available, you could do a flag raising ceremony.


Keep business to a minimum.


Do Wolf Elective 15b

Plant and raise a flower bed.

or Wolf Elective 15a

Plant and raise a box garden.

Your Wolves will enjoy watching the plants grow and they will need to care for them to get them established, so remember to plan to return later and care for the plants.

Do Wolf Elective 13b

Put out nesting material (short pieces of yarn and string) for birds and tell which birds might use it.

When you go back to care for the plants, see if your nesting material is gone!


Do a simple closing like the Boy Scout Law. Or if you did a flag raising at the beginning of the meeting, lower it.

After the Meeting

Clean everything up. Gardening can be messy, so if they got any dirt or plant debris on sidewalks, etc. they should sweep up. Let the Cub Scouts do this. They are old enough to do simple chores and it is a good practice for them to help with some of the meeting responsibilities.

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