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BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 14 – American Indian Lore

BSA provides Wolf den meeting ideas for Cub Scout den leader. Today, I’ll go through  the fourteenth Wolf Cub Scout den meeting plan. This plan covers Wolf Elective 10 – American Indian Lore.

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 14 to follow along with this article.

Wolf Den Meeting Ideas: BSA Den Meeting Plan 14 – American Indian Lore

Preparation and Before the Meeting

The preparation for this meeting is just to gather the materials. You also need to tell the Wolf Cub Scouts to read a book about Native Americans beforehand and to be ready to discuss what they read.


See my gathering activities page for some ideas. Or see my Wolf Elective 10 – American Indian Lore page for some games and crafts to go with the theme.


Do a simple opening flag ceremony. If any of your Wolf Cub Scouts have not completed Wolf Achievement 2 – Your Flag  yet, this will help them with their requirements.


Keep business to a minimum


The first activity is to read a book about Native Americans. Hopefully they have read a book beforehand and can tell something about it. This fulfills Elective 10a:

 Read a book or tell a story about American Indians, past or present.

The next activity is to make a vest from a paper bag and decorate it with Native American symbols. This will cover Elective 10c and Elective 10F:

Make traditional American Indian clothing.

Learn 12 American Indian word pictures and write a story with them.

There are some alternate suggestions to use Wolf Elective 1 – Its a Secret in the den meeting plan if you need more to do or if you want to change it up:

  • Elective 1a:  Use a secret code.
  • Elective 1b:  Write to a friend in invisible ink.
  • Elective 1d: Use 12 American Indian signs to tell a story.

Any of these would be a fun addition to the meeting.

Finally, this den meeting idea suggests singing “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain.” Or you can check my Songs page for some other fun songs to sing with Cub Scouts.


Do a simple closing like the Law of the Pack or the Cub Scout Promise.

After the Meeting

Have them all clean up the meeting area. Talk to the other parents to line up some help for the next meeting.

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