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Webelos Traveler Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1

The Traveler activity badge is a nice one to do during the summer. If one of the Scouts misses a meeting due to vacation, they can do some of the alternate requirements while they are away.

Since this will be my den’s first meeting as Webelos, the plan starts with a gathering activity to start familiarizing them with the Webelos activity badges. We will also start memorizing the Boy Scout Law. They will repeat the first four points of the Law at the beginning and end of the meeting. We might say them a few times during the meeting also. In my experience it will take some of them a long time to memorize the Boy Scout Oath and Law as required for Arrow of Light, so we will just start right away.

I will post a second den meeting plan for completing this badge tomorrow. This plan does Traveler requirements 1 and 2 and starts work on the Geography beltloop and Map and Compass beltloop for Traveler requirements 12 and 13.

Printable copy of    Webelos Den Meeting Plan for Traveler Activity Badge 1 (includes timetable)

Traveler Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan – Part 1


Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:

  • A US flag. If you have a Den or Pack flag, bring that also.
  • A map of your area
  • Timetables (and maps if applicable) from a local transportation service like a subway, bus, train, or airport. It must include destinations in another state.
  • Paper and crayons or markers so the Webelos can draw maps
  • Pencils
  • Printouts from plan below
  • Materials for Guide Me Game

Gathering Activity

  • Webelos Badge Matching Game
  • Prep one Scout to plan and lead the opening flag ceremony. That Scout will complete requirement 6 for his Webelos badge.


  • See  simple opening flag ceremony
  • Repeat the first four points of the Boy Scout Law (“A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly”)


  • Look at map of area and show how to orient it (Map and Compass beltloop requirement 1 for Traveler requirement 13) Show them which direction is north on the map. See if they know which direction they are facing.
  • Identify major landforms within 100 miles on the map (Geography beltloop requirement 2 for Traveler requirement 12) – In our area (St. Louis) we will look at things like Taum Sauk Mountain in southern Missouri and the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Find similar landforms in your area on your map.
  • Find at least 3  landmarks on the map (Map and Compass beltloop requirement 1 for Traveler requirement 13) In our area, we will point out things like the Gateway Arch, Busch Stadium, Grant’s Farm, etc. Ask them what they want to find and help them locate it.
  • Look at a map or timetable and see where it goes (Traveler requirement 1) Spend a few minutes looking at the timetable and explain how to read it.
  • Use the timetable to plan a trip to a city in another state (Traveler requirement 2) Ask them to pick a location in another state which is on the timetable. Look at the timetable to determine what time they would have to leave and when they would arrive at their destination. You might want to talk to them about getting to the transportation system a little early and building in extra time.
  • Draw map of your neighborhood (Geography beltloop requirement 1 for Traveler requirement 12) The map should include a legend with symbols for things like streets, parks, etc. Some might just draw a map of their street since that is what they are familiar with. They can use a key for houses and even trees if they want to.
  • Label the map you drew and plot a route to a place you like to visit (Map and Compass beltloop requirement 3 for Traveler requirement 13) This could be a route to school or a neighbor’s house, depending on the area shown on their map.

Games (if time permits)


  • Hand out recognitions and tell them that if they didn’t finish their maps, they should complete them at home and bring them to the next meeting.


  • Repeat again the first four points of the Boy Scout Law (“A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly”)
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