Webelos Showman Activity Badge Den Meeting

I started working on the Showman activity badge with my Webelos den last week.

The Showman activity badge offers a lot of choices, so this is less of a step by step den meeting plan and more a set of suggestions.

For our meeting we started off by writing a script for a puppet play. (Requirement 2) My Webelos had a lot of ideas, most of them unmanagable. They wanted to do Star Wars. The whole store.  That’s ambitious! This is where my Den Chiefs came in handy. They convinced them to write a script based on one of their favorite camping  jokes. I’ll post the script tomorrow.

We talked about different kinds of puppets, to fulfill requirement. (Requirement 7)

Then we started making puppets. (Requirement 3) We did stick puppets. I provided a box full of materials. It included craft sticks, fun foam, leather scraps, construction paper, stickers, googly eyes, and more. They didn’t really need much direction here. They made an assortment of puppets and props to use in their puppet play.

Next week we will complete this badge. We will put on the play for some guests. (Requirement 5) We will discuss stage directions, theater in the round, and musicals vs plays. (Requirements 20, 21, and 22) We are helped out that their class recently went to a play (Requirement 17) and we did the Music belt loop at the last pack meeting (Requirement 15)

So when doing this badge, I recommend you look at the sort of activities your den enjoys. Also consider if you can work in anything they have already done at school or elsewhere.

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  1. Maria March 12, 2011 at 8:35 AM #

    I just am finishing up with my scouts. My last meeting is today. What the boys did for their showman was first they created their story line and from clay they created the “creatures” they wanted to go in their story. They then created a “claymation”. It is a good thing my son knows how to do that. They did that last year in school.

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