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BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 15 – Scholar and Artist

BSA provides Webelos den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders on the Scouting.org website. These meeting plans are full of Webelos den meeting ideas. The fifteenth Webelos den meeting plan covers all of Scholar Activity Badge and part of Artist Activity Badge.

If you don’t already have the BSA Webelos den meeting plans, download BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 15 to follow along with this article.

BSA Webelos Den Meeting Ideas: Plan # 15 – Scholar and Artist

Preparation and Before the Meeting

You might notice a rather lengthy list of things in the plan which you need to do before the meeting. Most of them aren’t too complicated though. You will need to be ready to discuss the requirements for Scholar activity badge. And of course, you will need to have your materials ready for the art project you will be doing for Artist activity badge.


See my gathering activities page for some ideas.


Do a simple indoor flag ceremony. Say the Boy Scout Oath.


Keep business to a minimum. The requirements for Scholar involve talking, so you’ll want to make sure you have time to do the art project.


You will be doing Scholar requirements 1, 5, 11, and 12. These are pretty straighforward discussion items. Just talk about what the requirement asks

1. With your parent, guardian, or Webelos den leader, complete the Positive Attitude Character Connection.
a. Know: Discuss with your parent, guardian, or your Webelos den leader, what it means to have a positive attitude and the “BEST” steps you can take to have a positive attitude. (Believe it can happen, Expect success, Set your mind, and Try, try, try.)
b. Commit: Plan with your parent, guardian, or your Webelos den leader, how you will apply the “BEST” steps for a positive attitude in doing your schoolwork and in other areas of your life.
c. Practice: Do your “BEST” to have a cheerful and positive attitude while doing the requirements for this activity badge.
5. List in writing some important things you can do now because of what you’ve learned in school.
11. Ask a parent and five other grown-ups these questions:
• What do you think are the best things about my school?
• What are its main problems?
• Tell what you think were the best answers and why.
• Have boys share the responses with their den members.
12. List and explain some of the full-time positions in the field of education.

Next you will make a portfolio, a mobile, and a collage for Artist activity badge requirements 2, 8, and 10.

2. Create a scrapbook (portfolio) of your Artist activity badge projects and show it to your den leader.
8. Make a mobile, using your choice of materials.
10. Create a collage that expresses something about you.

You might not have time to complete all of these projects, so you might have to instruct the Webelos to finish some of these at home. For some more ideas, see my Crafts page.


Close with the Boy Scout Law.

After the Meeting

Have the Webelos help clean up. And this is a good time to line up some adults to help at the next meeting.

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