Webelos Communicator Activity Badge

Webelos Communicator Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 2

This is the second den meeting plan to finish up Communicator. I posted the plan for the first meeting yesterday.

Giving the talks was definitely the high point of this meeting. My den all brought in props and were well prepared for the talks.

Before starting with the talks, we spent a few minutes discussing “respectful listening”. I think this made an impression on them. They were very well behaved while the others were talking.

Printable copy of   Webelos Den Meeting Plan for Communicator Activity Badge – Part 2 (includes timeline)

Webelos Communicator Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1


Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:

  • A US flag for an opening ceremony
  • A laptop computer
  • paper and pencils

Gathering Activity

Prep one Scout to organize and lead the opening flag ceremony –  see simple opening flag ceremony

Finish the  Communicating belt loop (Started last meeting)


Flag ceremony (Webelos Badge Requirement 6 for the Scout leading the ceremony)


Discuss respectful listening.

Let each Scout give his 3 minute talk (Requirement 2)

Do the Computers belt loop (Requirement 14) . I brought in my laptop and they practiced turning it on and shutting it down correctly. We talked about the different parts. We didn’t print anything, but they have all done that at school recently.

Announcements and Closing

Hand out recognitions

Announcements for upcoming pack and den events

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