Webelos Communicator Activity Badge

Webelos Communicator Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1

This month my Webelos den is working on Communicator. We did the Communicating belt loop at the last Pack meeting. Then we finished the rest of the requirements at our den meetings this week and the week before.

They seemed to enjoy doing this badge. They are all good at talking, but they had to spend some time listening and cooperating to finish the requirements.

If you haven’t done the Communicating belt loop, you can use it as a gathering activity for this meeting and the next. Otherwise, let them play some communicating games, like Telephone or Charades.

Printable copy of   Webelos Den Meeting Plan for Communicator Activity Badge – Part 1 (includes timeline)

Webelos Communicator Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1


Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:

  • A US flag for an opening ceremony
  • paper and pencils

Gathering Activity

Prep one Scout to organize and lead the opening flag ceremony –  see  simple opening flag ceremony

Work on Communicating belt loop


Flag ceremony (Webelos Badge Requirement 6 for the Scout leading the ceremony)


Play the Body Language game (Requirement 1) – We did this like charades. I wrote different emotions on pieces of paper and they randomly drew one to act out. We played several rounds of this so the each were able to act out three emotions.

Talk about methods of communication (Requirement 4) – My den always enjoys talking

Talk about jobs in communication (Requirement 16) – We talked about some parents they know who work in journalism and the media. It seemed to help them to connect the jobs with real people.

Invent a den secret code (Requirement 5) – They enjoyed this. It took them a while to agree on a code because they all had their own ideas. It was a good exercise in compromise. My den chiefs led this activity with them.

Announcements and Closing

Hand out recognitions

Tell them to come to the second meeting for this badge prepared to give a three minute talk on the subject of their choice.

Announcements for upcoming pack and den events

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