Webelos Citizen Activity Badge

Webelos Citizen Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1

I’ll be starting on Citizen activity badge with my Webelos next week. Citizen is required for the Webelos badge, so I like to get this one done right away.

We’ll be focusing on the flag requirements at this meeting (requirement 3, 4, and 5). The following week we will do the requirements which relate to government and personal citizenship. I’ll post that meeting plan later.

We’ll be doing a flag retirement ceremony at this meeting. This is not a requirement, but I have done it with Webelos before and it seems to have some meaning for them. We are just going to retire one small flag. When the Boy Scout Troop has a number of flags to retire, it usually takes up a whole hour.

Printable copy of   Webelos Den Meeting Plan for Citizen Activity Badge – Part 1 (includes timetable)

Webelos Citizen Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1


Try to meet somewhere where you can use a flagpole, such as a school. If you don’t have access to a flagpole, talk to your Boy Scout troop and see if they will make one using poles and lashings. You will also need to secure a fire pit. Some troops also have these.

Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:

  • A US flag for hoisting
  • A worn US flag which is ready to be retired.
  • Fuel and matches for the fire
  • Printouts for the meeting

Gathering Activity

Practice folding a US flag (See  How to Fold the US Flag ) – for requirement 3


Flag raising ceremony  (See Raising and Lowering the US Flag ) – for requirement 3


Talk about the history of the flag. Show how a flag would be displayed on a wall horizontally and vertically – for requirement 3

Talk about respecting the flag. Show how to salute it. Tell which days you fly it – for requirement4

Talk about the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance – for requirement 5

Hold a simple flag retirement ceremony – for requirement 3

Announcements and Closing

Hand out recognitions

Announcements for upcoming pack and den events

Flag lowering ceremony – for requirement 3

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