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Tiger Den Meeting Plan | Where I Live

In Tiger Achievement 2 – Where I Live – the focus is on neighborhoods. This den meeting plan assumes you will be doing your visit to a fire station or police station as a separate activity. So to fill out the meeting for this achievement, I added in the Map and Compass belt loop. The requirement to draw a map of the neighborhood overlaps with the family requirement for this achievement. And learning how to orient a map also fits right in. Printable copy of  Tiger Den Meeting Plan for Where I Live

Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Where I Live

Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:
A US flag. If you have a Den or Pack flag, bring that also.
Printouts for the meeting
Materials for making compasses
Map for demonstration
Crayons and paper for making maps
Compass for orienteering scavenger hunt
Gathering Activity:
Make Your Own Compass – Tigers and their adult partners should do this together – for Map and Compass belt loop requirement 2
Pledge of Allegiance
Tiger Motto
  • Character Connection for Citizenship – for Requirement 2D
  • Show them how to orient a map. Point out three landmarks on the map – for Map and Compass belt loop requirement 1
  • Tigers and adult partners should draw maps of their neighborhood together. Some of the streets should be labeled and they should mark a path showing how to get from their house to someplace nearby they like to go. - for Requirement 2F and Map and Compass belt loop requirement 3
Orienteering Scavenger Hunt – Keep it simple! Let them do it as a group rather than making it a competition – for Map and Compass belt loop requirement 2
Announcements and Closing
Hand out recognitions
Announcements for upcoming pack and den events
Close with a prayer or with the Law of the Pack
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