Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Making Music

Tigers only have five achievements to complete to earn their badge. So depending on how often you are meeting, around December most of your Tigers are either finished with their requirements or at least well on their way. This is a great time to do a den meeting focused on music.

This den meeting plan completes Tiger Elective 6 – Song Time and Tiger Elective 7 – Play Along. It also completes the requirements for the Music belt loop.

There are so many beautiful carols and hymns which can be sung this time of year. But if your Scouts are anything like my sons, they’ll really have fun singing something silly. So I’ve include a couple of goofy songs on the side. If you can, have the den teach one of the songs they learned  to the pack at the next pack meeting.

Printable copy of   Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Making Music (includes timeline)

Tiger Den Meeting Plan

Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:

  • A US flag. If you have a Den or Pack flag, bring that also.
  • Printouts for the meeting
  • A CD player and some CDs
  • Materials for the pie pan tambourines

Gathering Activity

Play Name That Tune Game with Christmas songs


Say the Pledge of Allegiance


Talk about why music is important – To fulfill Music belt loop requirement 1

Tigers and their adult partners should learn a couple of songs together. – To fulfill Tiger Elective 6 and Music belt loop requirement 2.

See the list of songs on the side for some ideas.

Make Pie Pan Tambourines (see Elective 7 in the Tiger handbook) – To fulfill Tiger Elective 7

Listen to four different types of music – To fulfill Music Belt Loop Requirement 3


Hand out recognitions

Announce upcoming den and pack events


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