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You can do most of Tiger Achievement 3 at a single meeting. One of the requirements (a fire drill) will have to be completed at home. The Go See It – visiting a sporting event – can be done as a separate activity.

When visiting a sporting event, consider going to a local high school game or even middle school game. Your Tigers will enjoy it and you don’t have to pay top dollar to go to a professional sporting event.

Consider going to a sporting event which your Tigers play. For example, if it is soccer season and they all play soccer, you can tie this in with the soccer beltloop. If they play the sport they have already done most of the requirements for the belt loop.

If you are going to a sport they don’t already play, there is probably a belt loop for it anyway. Take some time to get them started on the beltloop by going over the rules of the sport at the den meeting. Then take some time to start practicing. If they enjoy it, you can complete the beltloop as a later den meeting.

Printable copy of  Den Meeting Plan Tiger Achievement 3 Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe (includes timeline and preparation details)

Den Meeting Plan

Gathering Activity: Food Pyramid Go Fish

Opening: Say the Pledge of Allegience, Cub Scout Promise, and Cub Scout Law


Talk about what to do if they become separated from their family or group. This is also a good time to talk about the buddy system. (Requirement 3Fb)

Have them draw a floor plan of their house (with the help of their adult partner) and plan a fire escape route (To start requirement 3Fa)

Health and Fitness character connection (Requirement 3D)

Build Your Own Food Pyramid activity (Requirement 3D)

Work on one of the sports belt loops – see above (To prepare for requirement 3G)

Closing and Announcements

Hand out instant recognitions

Hand out  Tips for Conducting a Fire Drill in your Home and instruct them to do the fire drill at home

Announcements for upcoming pack and den events

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