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Normally, I like to try to cover the requirements for an achievement together. For Tiger Achievement 4 – How I Tell It, I found it easier to split them up though.

Requirement 4F  needs to be done at home during a family meal. For the “Go See It” for this achievement, one of my dens visited a local community newspaper. The other den visited the local Radio Disney radio station.  Both of these were fun visits for the kids and the staff at both locations were clearly used to taking kids on tour. At the newspaper, they let them get on the computer and design their own front page. And at the radio station, they got to make some promo spots for the station.

So that leave requirement 4D – Play Tell It Like It Isn’t – to do at a regular den meeting. One way is to just do this at a meeting focused on another requirement. This game is basically the game most of us know as “telephone”, so it is pretty easy to work in.

Another option is to have a den meeting focused on requirement 4D and some of the electives which relate to communication. That is what this den meeting plan does.

A third option would be to do a meeting which does requirement 4D and the requirements for the Communicating belt loop and pin.

Printable copy of  Tiger Den Meeting Plan for How I Tell It (includes timeline)

Tiger Den Meeting Plan – How I Tell It

Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:
  • A US flag. If you have a Den or Pack flag, bring that also.
  • Printouts for the meeting
  • Materials for making cards or decorations for shut-ins
  • Props which might be used for the PSA skit
Gathering Activity:
Make cards or decorations for shut-ins. If any of the Scouts have relatives or neighbors who are shut-ins, they can take them with them at the end of the meeting and deliver them. (Elective 12)
Pledge of Allegiance
  • Play Tell It Like It Isn’t – Instructions are in your Tiger handbook (Requirement 4D)
  • Talk about  respectful listening and how to give information (speaking voice, gestures, etc.). Then have each Tiger tell about a family celebration. (Elective 1)
  • Get together and make up a Public Service Announcement (PSA) skit to tell people about Tiger Cubs. Practice it so you can perform at the next Pack meeting. Don’t forget to talk about props they can bring in for the skit. (Elective 20)
  • Play an active game.
Announcements and Closing
Hand out recognitions
Announcements for upcoming pack and den events
Remind everyone to do Requirement 4F at home
Close with a prayer or with the Law of the Pack
More Information
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