Tiger Backyard Jungle

Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Backyard Jungle: Plant and Observe

This Tiger den meeting plan covers three of the five requirements for the Backyard Jungle Tiger adventure. The other two requirements are covered in the Backyard Jungle: Birds meeting plan .

At this meeting, Tigers plant a tree or other plant. Then they take a “one foot hike” and a longer walk with their adult partner.

Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Backyard Jungle: Plant and Observe

Do items in any order which works best for your group and your meeting place.


For this meeting, you could have something as simple as providing some crayons and some bird coloring pages.


If you want to do a snack related to the nature theme, try Edible Spiders or Ticks on a Toilet Seat.


Adventure requirement 3: Be helpful to plants and animals by planting a tree or other plant in your neighborhood.

You can plant a tree or a plant. You can even plant a seedling in a pot for planting outdoors at a later time. The choice is yours.

Adventure requirement 1: Take a 1-foot hike. Make a list of the living things you find on your 1-foot hike.

The instructions are in the handbook. Basically, you mark off a 1 foot square and list all of the things you see there.  Their adult partners can help them write or draw what they see.  Do this for about 10 minutes or until the Tigers get too restless. Afterward, compare lists. Did somebody write something down which nobody else thought to mention?

Adventure requirement 5: With your adult partner, go on a walk, and pick out two sounds you hear in your “jungle.”

This does not have to be a long hike. Just spend a some time walking around quietly and listening. Afterwards, come together and share what you heard. Who identified an unusual sound?


Add a song to the activities. The Ticks on a Toilet Seat song is fun, especially if you made the Ticks on a Toilet Seat snack.

Character Compass

Remember to tie in your activities with the Scout Law.

A Scout is Clean. Clean up after yourselves. Remove any mess from the planting activity or from the 1 foot hike. Throw away any trash from your snack.

A Scout is Thrifty. Planting something helps preserve our natural resources, so you are being thrifty.



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