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Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Backyard Jungle: Birds

This Tiger den meeting plan covers two of the five requirements for the Backyard Jungle Tiger adventure. I’ll cover the other requirements in the Backyard Jungle: Plant and Observe meeting plan.

Looking at the requirements, you might be able to cover all five requirements in one meeting, but you want to allow time for game, snack, etc. So yes, it can be done, but make sure you are not just checking off requirements. The social and fun aspects of meetings are also important.

The focus of this meeting is birds!

Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Backyard Jungle: Birds

Do items in any order which works best for your group and your meeting place.


For this meeting, you could have something as simple as providing some crayons and some bird coloring pages.


If you want to do a snack related to the bird theme, consider “Dirt Pudding”. Put some chocolate pudding in a cup. Top with some crushed up chocolate sandwich cookies. Add a couple of gummy worms and you can pretend you are birds who are out eating worms.


Adventure requirement 2: Point out two different kinds of birds that live in your area.

For this requirement, go outside and look for some birds. But bring some pictures of local birds as a backup in case you don’t see any or if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Adventure requirement 4: Build and hang a birdhouse.

There are some plans for an easy milk carton birdhouse in the Tiger handbook. You can also make gourd birdhouses. Purchased kits are another option, but I like the idea of reusing milk cartons or gourds.


Add a game for fun. To stick with the bird theme, you could play Flip the Bird tag.

Character Compass

Remember to tie in your activities with the Scout Law.

A Scout is Kind. You can be kind to the birds by providing them with a safe place to live. Don’t disturb their nests or babies.

A Scout is Thrifty. By using “found” items such as milk cartons or gourds instead of purchasing kits, you are being thrifty.



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