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Tiger Den Meeting Ideas: Picnic Fun, Snack Time, Safety in the Sun, and Fun Outdoors

BSA provides a set of Tiger den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders. There are 16 basic meeting plan ideas and then some additional supplemental Tiger den meeting ideas. This is the sixth of the supplemental tiger den meeting plans. It covers Tiger Elective 22 – Picnic Fun, Tiger Elective 25 – Snack Time, Tiger Elective 29 – Safety in the Sun, and Tiger Elective 35 – Fun Outdoors. The focus of this Tiger den meeting plan is a picnic.

You can download the complete meeting plan from the BSA website: Printable copy of BSA Tiger Den Meeting Supplemental Plan G – Picnic Fun, Snack Time, Safety in the Sun, and Fun Outdoors

Tiger Den Meeting Ideas: Picnic Fun, Snack Time, Safety in the Sun, and Fun Outdoors

Preparation and Before the Meeting

To prepare for this meeting, you need find an appropriate meeting area for your picnic. You also need to let each family know what type of food they should bring.


See my gathering activities page for ideas for gathering activities. Or play a  game during gathering time.


Start with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Hand out any recognitions. Keep the rest of the business to a minimum.


Do Elective 22 Picnic Fun

With your family or with your den, have a picnic—indoors or outdoors.

and lective 25 Snack Time

Make a snack and share it with your family or den.

You are covering Elective 22 and Elective 25 by having the picnic and letting everyone share the food they brought.

Next, talk about elective 29 Safety in the sun

Talk with your adult partner about when you should use sunscreen. Find out whether you have any in your home and where it is kept. With your adult partner, look at a container of sunscreen and find out whether it still protects you when you are wet. Also find out how long you are protected before you have to put on more. Look for the expiration date and make sure the sunscreen is not too old.

See my Sun Safety Activity article for ways to make this discussion interactive.

Elective 35 Fun Outdoors

Play a game outdoors with your family or den.

See my games page for lots of great games for Tigers and their adult partners.


Keep it simple. Say the Law of the Pack.

After the Meeting

Clean up your meeting area and arrange for some parents to help at the next meeting. Have all of the Tigers and their adult partners help with the cleanup.

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