Webelos Athlete Activity Badge

Den Meeting Plan for Webelos Athlete Activity Badge

The Webelos Athlete activity badge is a pretty straightforward badge to work on with your den. You will need two meetings, 30 days apart to complete the badge. Our meetings took about an hour, but your time might vary depending on how many Webelos you have in your den and how many times you need to explain the directions. :-)

For this badge your Webelos have to do several fitness tasks. Then they are supposed to work on these skills on their own and then do the tasks again 30 days later to see if they improved.

I had my den chiefs make up a chart with their results from the first round of testing. Then when we repeated the tests 30 days later, we had the information there, rather than depending on all of them to bring their own personal charts back.  When we reviewed if they had improved or not at the second meeting, we talked about improvement could mean a shorter time or an increased number of repetitions, but it can also mean that they improved in form.

We did this in April and May, since they were doing something similar in PE class during that time. My den always likes it if they can apply something they are doing in school to their Cub Scout requirements. They feel like they are getting “two for the price of one”.

So here is the basic plan for what we did:

Meeting 1

  1. We did the Perseverance Character Connection for requirement 1.  We also talked about what it meant to be healthy and how they could practice that for requirements 2 and 3. This part took about 10 minutes.
  2. They spent about 10 minutes learning how to stretch and warming up. This was for requirement 4. My den chiefs led this activity.
  3. Then we did the tests. This part took about 30 minutes. My den chiefs spent plenty of time trying to teach them correct form. We did
    • Curl ups – which we call sit ups (requirement 5a)
    • Pull ups – which none of them really had the upper body strength to do  (requirement 5b)
    • Push ups (requirement 5c)
    • Standing long jump (requirement 5d)
    • Quarter mile run (requirement 5e)
    • Vertical jump (requirement 6)
    • 50 yard dash (requirement 7)

Meeting 2 – one month after Meeting 1

My den chiefs did the warm up and stretching again for about 10 minutes.

Then they repeated the tests for all of the activities we did in meeting 1.

We wrapped it up by talking about their improvements, what they liked, what they found difficult, etc.

We had a little extra time at this meeting, so we spent some time going through some of the other activity badges they haven’t earned yet and talking about which ones we will try to cover at meetings and which ones they should do on their own.


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3 Responses to Den Meeting Plan for Webelos Athlete Activity Badge

  1. Brenda in IL August 31, 2012 at 8:28 AM #

    This is fantastic! We are going to use this for our Webelos this year! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Linda January 8, 2013 at 10:20 AM #

    We don’t have a pull-up bar where we meet and I’m not sure there is one in the elementary school either. Can you think of something we could substitute? I’m especially looking for something that the kids would be able to do at home so they could measure improvement.

  3. Reid April 22, 2014 at 11:11 PM #

    Almost every school has monkey bars. If they can’t practice at home, they can practice during recess!

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