Den Meeting Plan for Bear Achievement 6 – Take Care of Your Planet

The Bear Cub Scout program lets you choose which 12 of the 24 achievements to do. There are five achievements “For Country” and Cub Scouts must do three of those to earn their Bear badge.  One of the achievements in the “For Country” category is Achievement 6 – Take Care of Your Planet.

This achievement can be really fun for your Bears to do as a den if you can team up with your chartered organization or another community organization. Find a place you can go to do some litter cleanup and plant a tree. This takes care of two of the three requirements. For the third, you can collect materials for recycling.

This would also work as a pack meeting and would meet some of the requirements for the other badges also.

Den Meeting Plan for Bear Achievement 6 – Take Care of Your Planet


Call your chartered organization or another organization in your community and ask if you can clean up their grounds and plant a tree.

Get a tree to plant. Check with your state conservation department. Or a local garden center might be willing to donate a small tree. Many garden centers are very generous to scouts.

Gather your materials:

  • Tree
  • Shovels
  • Buckets or hose for watering the tree after you plant it
  • Trash bags and gloves for picking up trash
  • Paper and pencils for the gathering activity

Gathering Activity (before the start of the meeting)

Have each Cub Scout write down all of the different things in their homes which use electricity.


If you are at a location where you can do a flag ceremony, then do so. Otherwise, the Cub Scout Promise makes a good opening ceremony. Allow about 5 minutes for the opening


Review the lists of all of the different things which use electricity. Who has the most items? Who has something unusual? What can we do to use less electricity? (Requirement 6f) .  This activity will take about 10 minutes.

Plant and water the tree. (Requirement 6b). This will probably take about 15 minutes, but it depends on the size of the tree.

Spend the remainder of the meeting picking up litter in the area. (Requirement 6g)


Close with announcements and Chief Sealth Prayer.


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