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BSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan N – American Indian Life

BSA provides Bear den meeting ideas for den leaders on the website. These Cub Scout Bear den meeting plans are step by step guides to carrying out a den meeting. In addition to the basic den meeting plans, there are supplemental plans which can be used if you have additional meetings left.  Today we will look at a den meeting plan which focuses on the culture of the first Americans. It covers requirements for Bear Elective 24 – American Indian Life.

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Bear Den Meeting Supplemental Plan N to follow along with this article.

Cub Scout Bear Den Meeting Plans: American Indian Life

Preparation and Before the Meeting

Most of the preparation for this meeting is gathering up the supplies you need. You will also need to gather books and other information about the native Americans who lived in your area.


Check out my gathering activities page for ideas. Picaria is a simple native American game which they would play.  Or make Tabletop Tipi Models which also fulfills the requirement for elective 24c.


Have a flag ceremony if possible.  Say the Scout Law.


Keep business short and sweet.


Start with Elective 24a

American Indian people live in every part of what is now the continental United States. Find the name of the American Indian nation that lives or has lived where you live now. Learn about these people.

Then do Elective 24b

Learn, make equipment for, and play two American Indian or other native American games with members of your den. Be able to tell the rules, who won, and what the score was.

The details on the games are in your Bear handbook. For other game ideas, look at Hubbub – A Native American Dice Game  and Pahsahëman – A Native American Field Game .


Close with the Scout Oath and a closing flag ceremony (if possible).

After the meeting

The Bears should clean up the area and help you put things away. This is a good time to line up some parents to help at your next meeting.

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