BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 9 – Tools for Fixing and Building

BSA provides den meeting plans for den leaders on the Scouting.org website. Today, I am going to go through the ninth Wolf plan. If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 9 to follow along with this article.

This meeting plan covers Wolf Achievement 5 – Tools for Fixing and Building.

Also, remember that Cub Scouts use hand tools. The note in the program helps states:

Power tools are not appropriate for use by Cub Scouts, review the use of age-appropriate tools for Cub Scouts in the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book and Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting.

Get BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 9 from the Scouting.org website

BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 9 – Tools for Fixing and Building

Preparation and Before the Meeting

This meeting requires some prep work. You need to find an appropriate place to meet and make sure you have enough adult help. Pay careful attention to all of the details laid out in the meeting plan.

Gathering Activity

Try the Hand Tools Puzzle.


Do a simple opening flag ceremony or an outdoor ceremony if a flagpole is available. If all else fails, open with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Keep business short and to the point.


On to the fun! First start out with pointing out the different tools and telling what they are used for. You can make this into a guessing game. “What is this tool?” “What would I use it for?” This completes requirement 5a.

For 5b, let them each try a pair of pliers. Have something ready for them to try the pliers on.

For 5c, the suggestion to have the boards with holes predrilled is a must. If you do this, this requirement should go smoothly.

5d is also pretty straightforward if you have the materials ready. Demonstrate how to drive a nail safely and then let them try it. My dens really enjoyed this part.

The final requirement, 5e, is the most challenging. You need to think of something useful which the guys can actually make themselves. With one of my dens, I had a lot of adults willing to help and we made bat houses. With another den, I had less adult involvement, so we had to do something a little simpler. We made tin can lanterns.


Finish up with the Law of the Pack or the Cub Scout Promise.

After the Meeting

Everyone should help clean up. Don’t forget to recruit some parents to help you with the next meeting.

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