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BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 8: Cooking and Eating and Start a Collection

BSA provides den meeting plans for den leader on the website. Today, I am going to go through the eighth Wolf Cub Scout plan. If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 8 to follow along with this article.

The BSA meeting plans are designed to be done in order, so do the others before this one. This plan covers part of Wolf Achievement 8 – Cooking and Eating and part of Wolf Achievement 6 – Start a Collection.

Get BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 8 from the website

BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 8: Cooking and Eating and Start a Collection

Preparation and Before the Meeting

The preparation for this meeting is pretty straightforward. Just gather your materials and have them ready. The requirements for Wolf Achievement 6 line up nicely with the requirements for the Collecting belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program. With a little advance planning, you might be able to complete the belt loop also.


Let your Wolf Cub Scouts play the Food Pyramid Go Fish Game


Do a simple opening flag ceremony. Or, for an outdoor ceremony with a flag pole, see Raising and Lowering the US Flag.

Business Items

Keep this part brief.


For Achievment 8a (“Study the food pyramid”) check out this Build Your Own Food Pyramid activity.

This Printable Menu Planner will help with Achievement 8b (“Plan the meals you and your family should have for one day.“)

Next, you will be moving on to Achievement 6 – Start a Collection. The Character Connection for Positive Attitude will take about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the size and talkativeness of your den.

You Cub Scouts will probably enjoy showing off their collections. When I did this achievement with my den, the Den Chiefs also brought in collections. The Wolf Cub Scouts liked to see that the older Scouts also enjoyed collecting things.


Do a simple closing. You could say the Cub Scout Promise or the Law of the Pack.

After the Meeting

All of the Cub Scouts should help clean up. Take this opportunity to talk to any parents who will be helping you at the next meeting.

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