BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 4: Keep Your Body Healthy and Bowling Field Trip

BSA provides den meeting plans for den leaders on the website. Today, I am going to go through the third Wolf plan. If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 4 to follow along with this article.

The BSA meeting plans are designed to be done in order, so start at the beginning if you haven’t done any of these yet. Meeting 4 completes  Wolf Achievement 3 – Keep Your Body Healthy, and completes Elective 20g – Sports (Go Bowling), and completes the Bowling belt loop.

Get BSA Wolf Den Meeting Plan 4 from the website

BSA Wolf Den Meeting 4: Keep Your Body Healthy and Bowling Field Trip

Preparation, Before the Meeting, and Gathering

Most of the preparation will involve organizing the trip to the bowling alley. Since you will be doing some first aid demonstrating, check to see if the bowling alley has a room you can use for your “meeting” part of the outing. Alternately, meet at your regular meeting place, do the first aid and business stuff, then drive to the bowling alley. That’s probably what I would do if I were combining these requirements. It might be difficult to get the Cub Scouts to focus on anything other than bowling once you arrive at the bowling alley.

For the gathering activity, a simple game or puzzle usually works. See my games page or puzzles page for some ideas.


Don’t forget to keep rotating who leads the opening ceremony so everyone gets a chance to complete requirement 2a. Once again, this might be easier to do before you take off for the bowling alley, especially if you still need to do an outdoor flag ceremony. Chartered organizations like churches and schools tend to have flagpoles you can use more than bowling alleys do.

Business Items

Keep it simple and short. The Cub Scouts will have bowling on their minds.


I would finish up the requirements for Achievement 3 before starting in on the bowling. I usually like to start with the lower energy activities and work my way up the excitement scale. Some 2nd graders will have a difficult time transitioning from fun group activities to quieter instructional activities, especially in a distracting setting like a bowling alley.


You might or might not be able to have an organized closing in a public place. If nothing else, have everyone say the Cub Scout Promise or Cub Scout Motto together.

After the Meeting

Look around and make sure you haven’t left any stray Wolf Cub Scouts behind. :-) Then relax and ask your son what he thought of the meeting. He’ll say something like “Great!” or “Best meeting ever!” and that will make it all worth the hard work you put in to get it organized.

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