Webelos Engineer Activity Badge

BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plans: Den Meeting Plan #11 – Engineer

BSA provides Webelos den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders on the Scouting.org website. The eleventh Webelos den meeting plan starts the Engineer Activity Badge. With ZM’s den, this was a favorite activity badge. They loved making projects and trying them out.

If you don’t already have the BSA Webelos den meeting plans, download BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 11 to follow along with this article.

BSA Webelos Den Meeting 11 – Engineer

Preparation and Before the Meeting

You need a variety of materials for this meeting, so get all of your supplies together beforehand and put them in a box so they are ready to go.

Remind each of your Webelos to draw a floor plan of their homes and bring it to the meeting.


Check my gathering activities page for some ideas.


Do a simple indoor flag ceremony. Or raise a flag now and lower it at the end of the meeting. Remember, each of the Webelos in you den needs to lead a flag ceremony.


Keep business to a minimum


Now for the fun stuff! You will be covering requirements 2, 5, and 6 in this meeting. You will complete the activity badge at the next meeting.

Do the talking parts first, so discuss the floor plans (requirement 2) and how electricity comes to your home (requirement 5). All of the information you need is in the Webelos handbook.

Next, make your electrical circuit (requirement 6). We just took a flashlight apart at the meeting and then used the parts to make the circuit. The Webelos really liked this activity.

You might still have some time after doing these requirements, so look at the meeting plan for the supplemental ideas. You don’t want to run out of things to do. We made spoon catapults, which was the highlight of the meeting. If you are unsure about how to do this, check out Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction.


Do a closing flag ceremony. You can also say the Boy Scout Oath to help the Webelos work on their Boy Scout knowledge for the Webelos badge and the Arrow of Light badge.

After the Meeting

Have the Webelos help you clean up and put away all of your supplies. Don’t forget to line up some parents to help you at the next meeting.

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