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BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 8 – Artist

BSA provides den meeting plans for den leaders on the Scouting.org website. The eighth Webelos den meeting plan focuses on the Artist Activity badge. It also completes the requirements for Citizen and the Webelos badge, which were started in previous meetings.

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 8 to follow along with this article.

If you have been following the BSA den meeting plan series in order, at this point your Webelos should be finishing up the requirements for the Webelos badge and should be starting to work on some electives. However, chances are that some of your Webelos have missed some of the meetings or have not done the required work at home. So these Cub Scouts will need to catch up with the rest of the den in order to earn their Webelos badge. Go through your records and figure out what each Scout needs to do. Give him a list and follow up with his parents so he can earn his badge.

BSA Webelos Den Meeting 8 – Artist

Preparation and Before the Meeting

As suggested, review the requirements for Webelos and figure out what your Scouts still need to do. You can spend some time during the meeting playing catch up while the Webelos who have already completed the badge work on Artist. You might need to arrange for some additional adults to help you with this. Or ask your Boy Scout troop if they have some older Scouts who would be willing to work with a Webelos to help him catch up.


Since you will be working on Artist, try putting out some markers, crayons, watercolors, and paper to let your Webelos get creative while they are waiting for everyone to arrive.


If anyone still needs to do an opening flag ceremony for his Webelos badge let him lead it.


Keep business short. This is a good time to hand out lists of what Cub Scouts still need to do to finish the Webelos badge.


You might have two different groups here. Some who are finishing up Webelos badge or Citizen activity badge and some who are working on artist.  Since these have already been covered before, I am going to focus on Artist.

Try to get a “guest artist” to come in and speak with them. This will make it easier to fulfill the requirement. With one of my dens we couldn’t arrange this, so the Webelos just talked to their art teacher at school. She was very willing to help them with this.

We did the color mixing with paint, but I love the idea of using frosting. Bring some graham crackers for them to spread it on and they can have a snack – albeit an unhealthy one.

Clay is fun, but messy. We didn’t have a lot of time when we did this badge and ZM’s den had all done some clay sculpting at school the month before, so we just counted that.

ZM’s den loved doing the constructions. I gave them a big box of “raw materials” and they came up with some very creative projects. At the end of the meeting, they each showed off what they had made, explained what it was, and told how they made it. One of them made an amazing looking bird with an egg carton, toothpick, a yogurt container, and some feathers.

Closing and After the Meeting

Say the Scout Law or Scout Oath. Your Webelos need to memorize this to earn the Arrow of Light and repitition will help.

After the meeting, have all of the Webelos help you clean up. And remind the parents about who will be helping you at the next meeting.

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  1. Paula Hrbacek March 10, 2012 at 10:10 AM #

    Another free resource for program ideas can be found at http://www.examiner.com/childrens-arts-and-crafts-1-in-panama-city/paula-hrbacek For a gathering activity for Artist, see “Shamrocks celebrate Frank Stella.” For lashing, see “Egg Carton cross celebrates Easter.” This column has activities that can be used for Craftsman, too. The author has 15 years experience in Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts.

  2. Elizabeth Weeks March 15, 2012 at 12:42 PM #

    I tried the ‘painting with frosting’ on sugar cookies last night with my webelos and they loved it! We use foil palettes, paint brushes, and water just like as if we were using watercolors and it worked great. Then in keeping with the edible theme they sculpted with candy clay. Mixing colors to made green and orange… we had fun

    • TLM February 8, 2013 at 9:05 PM #

      Hi Elizabeth. Can you provide a website or something to know exactly what you did at the mtg. What was the icing, how’d you mix it etc. Thanks!!

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