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BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 7 – Citizen

BSA provides den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders on the Scouting.org website. Today, I am going to go through the seventh Webelos plan.

This plan completes many of the requirements for the Citizen Activity Badge.

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 7 to follow along with this article.

If you are using the BSA plans, remember that these plans are meant to be done in order, so do the previous plans first.

BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 7 – Citizen

Preparation and Before the Meeting

The prep work for this meeting involves gathering your materials beforehand. Having everything well organized before the start of the meeting will ensure that the meeting runs quickly, without a lot of  “dead time” between activities.


The Constitution Word Search Puzzle makes a nice gathering activity for this meeting if you haven’t used it already. My Webelos Badge Scramble Puzzle or Webelos Activity Badges Matching Quiz are also good alternatives.


Remember to keep letting your Webelos rotate leading a flag ceremony so each Webelos gets to do one for Webelos requirement 6. See Simple Indoor Flag Ceremony if you are indoors or Raising and Lowering the US Flag if you have access to a flag pole.


“Keep announcements short and sweet, short and sweet, short and sweet. Keep announcements short and sweet, cause they’re boring”. (Part of the Announcements song.  Sing it to the tune of London Bridge. I’ll have to post more of the song soon.)


You are working on requirements 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9. The suggestion to make this into a game is a good one. You can do it Jeopardy style, or for a different approach, check out my Citizenship Football Game.


With Webelos, I like to keep going over the Scout Law with them. You can incorporate that into your closing ceremony.

After the Meeting

Another meeting complete! Look ahead to the next meeting and recruit whatever help you need now.


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