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BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 6: Citizen and Webelos Badge

BSA provides den meeting plans for den leader on the Scouting.org website. Today, I am going to go through the sixth Webelos plan. If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 6 to follow along with this article.

The BSA meeting plans are designed to be done in order. This plan continues work on the Citizen activity badge and covers Webelos badge requirement 3, Webelos badge requirement 4, and Webelos badge requirement 7 .

The BSA den meeting plans are designed to be completed in order, so look at the previous ones first. You should also check my Citizen activity badge page for more ideas to use with this den meeting plan along with alternate den meeting plans for completing the requirements.

BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 6: Citizen and Webelos Badge

Before the Meeting and Gathering

Most of the preparation for this meeting involves arranging the field trip to visit a community leader at his or her place of work.  This might be a mayor, alderman, city council member, etc. If this is not feasible, pick one of the other Citizen activity badge requirements instead. See the list of helps on the left side of this page or visit my Citizen activity badge page for different ways to complete the requirements.

The Constitution Word Search Puzzle makes a nice gathering activity for this meeting if you haven’t done it already and could easily be done on a field trip. They could also work on their poster for the Citizenship belt loop (Citizen activity badge requirement 8).


You need to continue working on flag ceremonies so every Webelos gets to do one for Webelos requirement 6. See Simple Indoor Flag Ceremony if you are indoors or Raising and Lowering the US Flag if you have access to a flag pole.


Keep it short and sweet.


If you are on a field trip, the main event is the visit with the community leader. Cover the other requirements if you can, but sometimes this is difficult if you are away from your regular meeting place. You might have to save the Webelos badge requirements for another meeting if your time on the field trip doesn’t allow you to do these.


This is a good time to practice the Scout Oath and Law. It takes a lot of repetition for the Webelos to really learn these.

After the Meeting

Another meeting complete! It would be nice to have the den send a thank you note to the community leader you visited. And it’s always time to start getting ready for the next meeting.

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  1. Linda January 7, 2012 at 6:25 PM #

    We went to the County Court House last month on the first day of Christmas break. The boys really enjoyed it. I had a list of questions that had to find answers to so that they would stay on task.

    Early in the year, I gave them two sheets to fill out on their own about things related to the Citizen. Then at the meeting, I split the boys in two teams, plus the parents were a team. The boys loved playing against their parents (maybe because the parents came in last!)

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