BSA Tiger Den Meeting Plans: #15 – Fun and Games

BSA provides a set of Tiger den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders. This is a review of the 15th den meeting plan in the series. This den meeting idea covers Tiger Elective 3 – Fun and Games.

You can download the complete meeting plan from the BSA website: Printable copy of BSA Tiger Den Meeting Plan 15

BSA Tiger Den Meeting Plan 15 – Fun and Games

Preparation and Before the Meeting

For this meeting, the preparations involve gathering the materials needed to play bingo. The suggestion to invite grandparents and extended family is a good one. If you do that, I’d suggest making it a pretty open invitation so that everyone has somebody they can invite.


Check my gathering activities page for some appropriate activities for your gathering time. Or play a simple game.


Start with a flag ceremony and the Cub Scout Promise.


Move through business quickly so you can get to the bingo!


The activity is your bingo. If you are looking for some variations or you want to mix it up a little, you can play these instead of or in addition to traditional bingo:


Just do a simple closing – like the Law of the Pack.

After the Meeting

Make sure the Tiger Cub Scouts help clean up. And thank any guests who came to the meeting. Remember to line up some adult help for your next meeting.

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