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BSA Tiger Den Meeting 6 – Where I Live and How I Tell It

This is the sixth in the series of Tiger den meeting plans provide by BSA. If you are using this series, it works best if you do the plans in order. So do the previous meetings before this one.

This meeting plan covers part of  Tiger Achievement 2 – Where I Live and part of Tiger Achievement 4 – How I Tell It.  Follow the links for more ideas for completing these achievements.

Here is a link to the BSA den meeting plan:
Printable copy of BSA Tiger Den Meeting Plan 6

BSA Tiger Den Meeting 6 – Where I Live, How I Tell It

Preparation and Before the Meeting

These sections are straightforward. This meeting does not require a lot of preparation (yeah!) so just read it and gather your materials.


Have something simple for the Tigers to do while everyone arrives. See my crafts page or puzzles page for some ideas.


Do a simple opening flag ceremony, or if your Tigers aren’t quite ready for that, just say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Business Items

If they brought in scrapbooks they should show them off. You might have to keep it moving along though, since some kids will go on at length when doing a “show and tell”. Keep the rest of the business items brief.


Do the Character Connection for Citizenship. My chatty dens often enjoyed doing Character Connections. If you have some quiet Scouts, make sure they get a chance to talk. This completes part of requirement 2D.

For Requirement 2F you will look at a map and locate 3 places they would like to go. It’s a good idea to let each Scout suggest a place and find them all though. I have a large folding map of St. Louis I use for activities like these. It is easier for them to find locations on there then on a folding state map.

Finally, play Tell It Like It Isn’t. Follow the link for an article about this, but basically you are playing a game of Telephone. This fulfills Requirement 4D.

Closing and After the Meeting

Once again, keep the closing brief. Don’t miss the part about completing 4F at home. I sent home Instructions for a Home Fire Drill when we did this, just so the parents would have something tangible to help them remember to complete the requirement.

While you are cleaning up and organizing help for the next meeting, don’t forget to congratulate yourself for another successful Tiger meeting! :-)

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