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BSA Tiger Den Meeting 4 – Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe

This is the fourth in the series of Tiger den meeting plans provide by BSA. If you are using this series, it works best if you do the plans in order. So do the previous meetings before this one.

The main focus for this meeting is the Go See it for Achievement 3. You will be going to a sporting event.  Note that you don’t have to go to a professional event. A local high school event is a good alternative. When ZM’s den were Tigers, several of them had brothers in 6th grade, so we went to a 6th grade volleyball game.

Here is a link to the BSA den meeting plan along with some other documents you might find helpful. My tips for implementing this plan are given below the box:
Printable copy of BSA Tiger Den Meeting Plan 4

BSA Tiger Den Meeting 4 – Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe


Most of the preparation for this meeting involves deciding which sporting event to attend. You might want to check with your parents about their preferences about whether to attend a professional or amateur game. Things like cost, time commitment, and convenience sometimes factor into decisions like these.

Gathering Activity

Gathering activities can be difficult at events away from your regular meeting place. You might be constricted to an area of seating. Jokes and riddles are a good way to keep the Tigers occupied while they are waiting for the game to begin. Ask them who did the fire drill at home to complete requirement 3Fa. Maybe they can tell some stories about how the fire drill went.


The helps suggest a flag ceremony, but once again if you are seated in stands waiting for the game to begin this will be difficult. We did not do an opening ceremony when we did this achievement.


As always, I recommend you do this as quickly as possible. Once again, it is difficult to conduct business in the bleachers, so keep it to a minimum. Reviewing the Buddy System and the Travel Safety Checklist is a good idea.


Achievement 3G – Attend a local football, soccer, or volleyball game, or any amateur orprofessional game or sporting event. Review the rules of the game while you are watching. This is the main purpose of this meeting. You can review the rules with them by asking questions like “Do you know why he did that?” or “Why did they blow the whistle?” If your Tigers know the answer, they will love explaining it to you.


If you have an opportunity to do recognitions, then do so. You will probably have to do it quickly if you wait until the end since there will be a lot of activity with people trying to leave. If there is a half time break, that might be a good time to hand out some recognition beads instead.

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