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BSA Bear Supplemental Den Meeting Plan F – Jot It Down

BSA provides Bear den meeting ideas for den leaders on the website. These Cub Scout Bear den meeting plans are step by step guides to carrying out a den meeting. In addition to the basic den meeting plans, there are supplemental plans which can be used if you have additional meetings left. Today’s plan covers Bear Achievement 18 – Jot It Down.

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Bear Den Meeting Supplemental Plan F to follow along with this article.

Bear Den Meeting Plans: Jot It Down

Preparation and Before the Meeting

There is not a lot of preparation needed for this meeting. You will need to gather the writing supplies for the activities.


Check out my gathering activities page for ideas.


Have a flag ceremony. Say the Scout Law.


Keep business short and sweet.


The den will be working on Bear Achievement 18 (Jot It Down) requirements a, d, e, g, and h.

Achievement 18a: Make a list of the things you want to do today. Check them off when you’ve done them.

So 18 a is just a todo list. They can include things like homework, chores, something fun, etc.

Achievement 18d: Write an invitation to someone.

If you have a big pack or den event coming up, such as Blue and Gold or Pinewood Derby,  have them write invitations to their families, the head of their chartered organization, the chartered org rep, and others.

Achievement 18e: Write a thank-you note.

They can write a thank you note to anyone who has helped them out lately. This could be somebody who helped with their Cub Scout program, a teacher, a parent or family member. See Thank You Note Template for Thanking a Special Person  for tips to encourage Cub Scouts to write thank you notes.

Achievement 18g: Write about the activities of your den.

The meeting plan suggests adding these to the den scrapbook. You could also submit them to your chartered organization for publication in their newsletter or bulletin. Members of the organization might be interested to know what the Cub Scouts they are supporting are doing and they will enjoy reading what the Bears wrote.

Achievement 18h: Complete the Character Connection for Honesty:

  • Know: Tell what made it difficult to be clear and accurate as you wrote details and kept records, and tell what could tempt you to write something that was not exactly true. Define honesty.
  • Commit: Tell why it is important to be honest and trustworthy with yourself and with others.
  • Imagine you had reported something inaccurately and tell how you could set the record straight. Give reasons that honest reporting will earn the trust of others. Practice: While doing the requirement for this achievement, be honest when you are writing about real events.

See my Honesty Core Value page for some more ideas and games for talking about honesty.


Close with the Scout Oath.

After the meeting

The Bears should help clean up all of the writing supplies and put them away. And talk to the parents to find out who can help at your next meeting.

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