BSA Bear Den Meeting Plans – Shavings and Chips

BSA provides Bear den meeting ideas for den leaders on the Scouting.org website. These Cub Scout Bear den meeting plans are step by step guides to carrying out a den meeting. In addition to the basic den meeting plans, there are supplemental plans which can be used if you have additional meetings left. Today’s plan covers Bear Achievement 19 – Shavings and Chips.

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Bear Den Meeting Supplemental Plan B to follow along with this article.

Bear Den Meeting Plans: Shavings and Chips

Preparation and Before the Meeting

Most of the preparation for this meeting is gathering the supplies. Also, check with your school, church, or other provider of your meeting space to find out if it is OK for the Bears to use knives there. Many schools in particular have a very strict “no knife” policy, so you might have to find an alternate meeting location.


Have each Bear make a Make a Fake Pocketknife to help demonstrate how to safely handle a knife. Or check out my gathering activities page for other ideas.


Have a flag ceremony. Say the Scout Law.


Hand out any recognitions and information, but keep it moving.


The den will be working on Bear Achievement 19:

19a: Know the safety rules for handling a knife.

The downloadable den meeting plan lists some safety rules. Bears can also look at the list in their books.

Achievement 19b: Show that you know how to take care of and use a pocketknife.

If you made the fake pocketknives as a gathering activity, then have them demonstrate sharpening,  opening, closing, etc with these first. Then let them do it with a real knife.

Achievement 19c: Make a carving with a knife.

We did the Whittling Chip card requirements first and then did this with real knives and blocks of wood.  Also, they each took a  pocketknife safety quiz . ( Pocketknife Safety Quiz Answers )

Achievement 19d: Earn the Whittling Chip card.

Just review the rules again and have them take the pledge. The pledge is also in their books.


Close with the Scout Oath.

After the meeting

There might be some mess from the carving, so have the Bears help clean up.

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