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BSA Arrow of Light Den Meeting Plan 7 – Readyman

BSA provides Webelos den meeting ideas for Cub Scout den leaders on the website.  The seventh in the Arrow of Light series of Webelos den meeting plans covers part of Readyman Activity Badge.

If you don’t already have the BSA Webelos den meeting plans, download BSA Arrow of Light Meeting Plan 7 to follow along with this article.

Webelos Den Meeting Plans: BSA Plans #7 – Readyman

Preparation and Before the Meeting

Try to recruit some parents who work in the medical or emergency response fields to help you with these meetings. It is easier to get parents involved in your program if you ask them to do something from their area of expertise.

Each of the Webelos should bring a  home fire escape plan to the meeting with them.


See my gathering activities page for some ideas.


Say the Scout Law and the Scout Oath . This fits in with Arrow of Light requirement 2.


Hand out recognitions.


Start with Readyman requirement 1:

With your parent, guardian, or Webelos den leader, complete the Courage Character Connection.

  • Know: Define the importance of each courage step: Be strong; Be calm; Be clear; Be careful. Explain how memorizing the courage steps helps you to be ready.
  • Commit: Explain why it is hard to follow the courage steps in an emergency. Tell when you can use the courage steps in other situations (such as standing up to a bully, avoiding fights, being fair, not stealing or cheating when tempted, etc.)
  • Practice: Act out one of the requirements using these courage steps: Be strong; Be calm;Be clear; Be careful.

Next do requirement 2:

Explain what first aid is. Tell what you should do after an accident.

See the meeting plan for a list of questions to keep the discussion going. Repeat what you discussed in the Character Connection – Be strong; Be calm;Be clear; Be careful.

For requirement 3:

Explain how you can get help quickly if there is an emergency in your home. Make a help list of people or agencies that can help you if you need it. Post it near a phone or another place with easy access.

There is a template in the meeting plan or see my article Emergency Phone Number List .

Requirement 11 is easier if they brought their home fire escape plans with them:

Make a home fire escape plan for your family.

See my article Fire Drill Time! for some more ideas for this requirement.

Finally, do requirement 13:

Tell where accidents are most likely to happen inside and around your home.

Have them think about different areas of their homes and what types of accidents might happen there. Be prepared to hear some stories about mishaps they have had.

Follow the suggestion to add a game or two to this meeting plan. Otherwise it is too much talking. I have a set of questions prepared for First Aid Baseball or you can do the First Aid Basketball game. Kims Game with Items for a Home First Aid Kit  is another option.


Close with the Scout Law and  Scout Oath again. Repetition will help them memorize these.

After the Meeting

Have the Webelos help clean up the meeting place. This is also a good time to recruit some adult help for the next meeting. Send out reminders for what the Webelos need to do to prepare for the next meeting.

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  1. chris March 16, 2014 at 2:15 PM #


     Make a pack first aid kit or individual first aid kits.
     Participate in a first aid meet with other Webelos Scout dens.
     Have a mock disaster – could be done with a patrol from a nearby troop.
     Plan a fire escape from your den meeting place or from your home.
     Have a nurse or doctor come and visit your den to tell you how important it is to know first aid and use it.
     Visit a hospital or a fire station with an EMS unit.

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