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BSA Arrow of Light Den Meeting Plan 4 – Sportsman

BSA provides Webelos den meeting ideas for Cub Scout den leaders on the website.  The fourth in the Arrow of Light series of Webelos den meeting plans covers part of the Sportsman Activity Badge.

In order to complete the Sportsman activity badge,  Webelos must earn at least two team sport belt loops and two individual sport belt loops while Webelos. This den meeting plan covers one of the team sport belt loops – the Ultimate Belt Loop.

If you don’t already have the BSA Webelos den meeting plans, download BSA Arrow of Light Meeting Plan 4 to follow along with this article.

Arrow of Light Den Meeting Plans: BSA Plans #4 – Sportsman

Preparation and Before the Meeting

Arrange to meet at a location suitable for playing Ultimate.  Ultimate does not require a lot of equipment but you will need a few discs (frisbees) and some way to mark off the playing area.


Let them practice their frisbee tossing skills during the gathering time.


Say the Scout Law.


Hand out recognitions.


You will be doing part of Sportsman requirement 4:

 Sportsman requirement 4: While you are a Webelos Scout, earn Cub Scouting Sports belt loops for two team sports (baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, flag football, or ultimate).

The requirements for the Ultimate Belt Loop  are:

Explain the rules for ultimate.
Practice ultimate for 30 minutes.
Play a game of ultimate

If you are not sure of the rules, you could invite a local ultimate team to help out. My second oldest, DS, plays on the ultimate team at his high school and they enjoy sharing their knowledge of the sport with others. If you do not have an ultimate team in your area, check out Essential Ultimate: Teaching, Coaching, Playing as a resource.


Close with the Scout Oath.

After the Meeting

Have the Webelos help clean up the equipment and line up some parents to help out at the next meeting.

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