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BSA Arrow of Light Den Meeting Plan 1 – Family Member and AOL

BSA provides Webelos den meeting ideas for Cub Scout den leaders on the Scouting.org website.  The first in the Arrow of Light series of Webelos den meeting plans covers part of the Webelos Family Member activity badge and some of the requirements for the Arrow of Light.

If you don’t already have the BSA Webelos den meeting plans, download BSA Arrow of Light Meeting Plan 1 to follow along with this article.

Arrow of Light Den Meeting Ideas: BSA Plan #1 – Family Member and AOL

Preparation and Before the Meeting

Family Member activity badge is completed in the home. So this meeting plan anticipates that the Webelos will do some advance work one month before the meeting. The meeting plan lists the activities. See my Family Member page for some handouts to help them with some of these requirements.

You will also need to gather your supplies for the meeting.


Play Boy Scout Bingo or see my gathering activities page for other ideas.


Do a simple indoor flag ceremony. Say the Scout Law.


Hand out recognitions. Keep the rest of the business to a minimum. This meeting has a lot of discussion. You might want to go over the guidelines for respectful listening.


You will be discussing Family Member 1, 8, and 9:

Family Member 1: Tell what is meant by family, duty to family, and family meetings.

Family Member 8: Tell what your family does for fun. Make a list of fun things your family might do for little or no cost. Plan a family fun night.

This is a good spot to break for a game. The Webelos probably will not want to sit and discuss for a whole meeting. See my games page for some active games which can get them up and moving.

Family Member 9: Learn how to clean your home properly. With adult supervision, help do it for one month.

Next you will be working on Arrow of Light requirements 2 and 7:

AOL requirement 1: Show your knowledge of the requirements to become a Boy Scout by doing all of these:

  • Repeat from memory and explain in your own words the Scout Oath or Promise and the 12 points of the Scout Law. Tell how you have practiced them in your everyday life.
  • Give and explain the Scout motto, slogan, sign, salute, and handshake.
  • Understand the significance of the First Class Scout badge. Describe its parts and tell what each stands for.
  • Tell how a Boy Scout uniform is different from a Webelos Scout uniform.
  • Tie the joining knot (square knot)

AOL requirement 7: Complete the Honesty Character Connection.

  • Know: Say the Cub Scout Promise to your family. Discuss these questions with them. What is a promise? What does it mean to keep your word? What does it mean to be trustworthy? What does honesty mean?
  • Commit: Discuss these questions with your family. Why is a promise important? Why is it important for people to trust you when you give your word? When might it be difficult to be truthful? List examples.
  • Practice: Discuss with a family member why it is important to be trustworthy and honest. How can you do your best to be honest even when it is difficult?
If you have a Den Chief, let them get involved in this discussion or even lead it.


Close with the Scout Oath.

After the Meeting

Have the Webelos help you clean up your meeting space. Arrange for some adults to help at the next meeting.


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