Bear Den Meeting Plan | Ride Right and Bicycle Belt Loop

I like to have den meetings during the summer just to give my den a few chances to meet. But sometimes these meetings are a little less structured than the meetings I have throughout the school year. This is a meeting plan I used last year when ZM’s den were Bears.

This meeting plan covers all of the requirements for Bear Achievement 14: Ride Right. It also meets all of the requirements for the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Bicycling belt loop. This was a real bonus for ZM’s den, because they really like earning belt loops.

You’ll need to get there a little bit ahead of time to set up the 60 foot course. We did this meeting in the morning before it was too hot.

Printable copy of Den Meeting Plan for Bear Achievement 14 (Ride Right) – includes timeline

Den Meeting Plan


Each Scout and adult will need to bring to the meeting

  • A  bike
  • A helmet
  • Water bottle

You will need to bring to the meeting

  • Cones or other markers to ride around
  • Sidewalk chalk to help mark the course

Have plenty of adults join you for this meeting so you can have adequate adult supervision during the bike ride. During the ride, you should have at least one adult at the front of the group and one adult at the back.

Meet at a park or another suitable location for a one mile bike ride. At the park, set up a short course using the cones and chalk. It must be at least 60 feet long, have sharp left and right turns, and at least one u-turn. Also map out a course for a bike ride on the park paths.

Activities (about 30 minutes)

  • Review Bike Hike Safety and Etiquette and hand signals  (Bear Requirement 14a and Bicycling Belt Loop Requirement 1)
  • Review the parts of the bike listed in requirement 14c. While pointing out the parts, have them do a safety check for things like brakes, chain, etc. Also check helmets for fit. (Bear Requirement 14c and Bicycling Belt Loop Requirement 2)
  • Have them each take turns riding the course you set up with the cones. At the end, they should do an emergency stop. (Bear Requirement 14b)

Bike Ride (about 30 minutes)

  • Ride bikes for a half hour (do at least on mile without stopping) (Bear Requirement 14f and Bicycling Belt Loop Requirement e)
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    Just want to say thank you for this awesome web cite.
    Would love to see more ideas re: games/ activites that go along with the achievments.
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