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Bear Den Meeting Plan – Law Enforcement Is a Big Job

Bear Achievement 7 is a fun den meeting. There is some hands on stuff and a police officer visit. When LC’s den did this achievement they had a K-9 officer visit!

If you can’t arrange for a police officer to visit your meeting, then visit a police station as a separate activity. The Tiger den in your pack might also be visiting a police station, so you could team up with them. Sometimes our Pack has a police officer come to a pack meeting and speak. That is another way to fulfill the requirement.

Printable copy of Den Meeting Plan for Bear Achievement 7 (Law Enforcement Is a Big Job) – includes timeline

Den Meeting Plan for Bear Achievement 7: Law Enforcement Is a Big Job

If possible, arrange for a police officer to visit your meeting.

Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:

  • Ink pads
  • Paper
  • Fine line markers
  • Materials for plaster prints
  • Printouts for meeting
  • Pencils
  • US Flag and den flag (if you have one) for flag ceremony

Gathering Activity

Make fingerprints (Requirement 7a). If time permits, make fingerprint drawings. Add arms, legs, eyes, and other features to the fingerprints. Turn them into people, animals, bugs, etc.

Opening Ceremony

Do a simple flag ceremony


  • Talk to the officer about crime prevention (Requirement 7b). Include discussion of home crime prevention (Requirement 7c).  Talk about how you can help law enforcement (Requirement 7f).
  • Make shoeprint molds (  Making a Plaster Print Mold ) (Requirement 7a) You might want to hold onto these yourself until they dry. If they move them around too much they won’t come out.
  • Make an emergency phone number list (Requirements 7d and 7e)

Announcements and Closing

  • Hand out recognitions
  • Announcements for upcoming pack and den events
  • Remind them to check for crime prevention measures at home to complete requirement 7c
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