Bear Den Meeting Plan: What’s Cooking?

ZM’s den had a blast when we did Achievement 9 – What’s Cooking? We were able to use the large kitchen at our church, which made this achievement fun.

I’m always amazed when I do cooking achievements with Cub Scouts that some of them rarely cook at home. For those Scouts, these achievements are especially exciting.  I always enjoy it when their parents pick them up and they ask if they can start cooking at home.

Bear Den Meeting Plan – What’s Cooking?


Arrange to use a kitchen at your chartered organization or see if one of the parents will host this meeting at their house.

Tell each Cub Scout to bring one ingredient for the trail mix. Have them let you know what they are bringing to avoid duplicates and allergies.

Gather these materials

  • Flags
  • Materials for gathering activity
  • Ingredients for cookies
  • Ingredients for snack
  • Baggies for trail mix and cookies

Gathering (15 minutes before the start of the meeting)

Play Food Pyramid Go Fish


Do a  simple opening flag ceremony (anyone in the color guard can count this for requirement 3f) (5 minutes)


Talk about junk foods for requirement 9d. This would be a good time to introduce the new My Plate guidelines from the USDA. (about 5 minutes)

Bake cookies for requirement 9a. Use your favorite recipe . Keep it simple so it doesn’t take too long. After they make the dough and put them on the cookie sheets, you can put your other adult in charge of taking them in and out of the oven. (about 20 minutes)

Make trail mix for requirement 9e. (about 10 minutes)

Make and eat some snacks for requirement 9b, preferably something with some nutritional value.  (about 10 minutes) Some ideas:


Bag up the cookies so each of them can take some home to their families. Also give them each a bag of trail mix. Do recognition and announce upcoming pack and den events. Close with a prayer or the Cub Scout Promise. (About 5 minutes)

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