Cub Scout Archives: Wolf Elective 13 - Birds

Some birds are summer visitors. Others pass through in the spring and fall, while still others live in the same area all year. They all need homes and food.

Wolf Elective 13 Requirements

  1. Make a list of all the birds you saw in a week and tell where you saw them (field, forest, marsh, yard, or park).
  2. Put out nesting material (short pieces of yarn and string) for birds and tell which birds might use it.
  3. Read a book about birds.
  4. Point out 10 different kinds of birds (5 may be from pictures).
  5. Feed wild birds and tell which birds you fed.
  6. Put out a birdhouse and tell which birds use it.

Cub Scout World Conservation Award

This award is available to Wolves, Bears, and Webelos. The purpose of the award is to help Cub Scouts think about how we are all interdependent on our environment. The requirements are differnent depending which year the Cub Scout is in.

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Gourd Birdhouse

Use dried gourds to make a birdhouse. If you didn’t grow any yourself, you can probably find some in your area at a farmer’s market or even a craft shop.

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Helps and Requirements for Wolf

Wolf is the Cub Scout program for boys in 2nd grade. Find helps and requirements for the Wolf program on this page.

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