Cub Scout Archives: Wolf Elective 10 - American Indian Lore

The first Americans were called Indians because Columbus thought he was near India when he got here. The more you know about native Americans, the more you will know about America.

Wolf Elective 10 Requirements

  1. Read a book or tell a story about American Indians, past or present.
  2. Make a musical instrument American Indians used.
  3. Make traditional American Indian clothing.
  4. Make a traditional item or instrument that American Indians used to make their lives easier.
  5. Make a model of a traditional American Indian house.
  6. Learn 12 American Indian word pictures and write a story with them.

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Wolf is the Cub Scout program for boys in 2nd grade. Find helps and requirements for the Wolf program on this page.Helps and Requirements for Wolf  Wolf is the Cub Scout program for boys in 2nd grade. Find helps and requirements for the Wolf program on this page.