Webelos Adventure: Cast Iron Chef

Webelos Cast Iron ChefCast Iron Chef  is one of the Webelos CORE Adventure Requirements.  For this adventure, Webelos learn about healthy food choices and how to safely prepare food in an outdoor setting.

Printable helps for requirements:

Printable requirements for Webelos Adventure: Cast Iron Chef

Printable checkoff sheet for Webelos Adventure: Cast Iron Chef

Printable note sheet for Webelos Adventure: Cast Iron Chef


The Science of Fire – The Fire Triangle

Knowledge of fire safety and the fire triangle is an essential outdoor skill. Scouts should understand the science of fire when camping. Understanding the way fire works and what is required to start and sustain a fire not only helps them build fires. It also helps scouts know how to contain fires and put them […]

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How to Build a Fire Skit

Skits can be a great way to start an instruction program. They get everyone’s attention focused. This is a skit I saw at a camporee, but it would also work as an introduction to a session on fire building.

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Edible Campfires Recipe

Scouts should know how to build a fire. I am always amazed how many kids don’t understand the concept of using tinder and small sticks. This snack will help introduce the concept.

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