Cub Scout Archives: Turn Back the Clock Theme

Science Theme

Here is what the old program helps said about this theme: “Turn Back the Clock and see what the world was like in the past. Learn about an era of your choice with songs, games, and transportation from the time that you choose. Whether it is the Space Age, the Wild West, rock-n-roll, or the Ice Age, each time period had something special about it. Construct a pack time machine to help introduce the den’s era skits or demonstrations at the blue and gold banquet. Whatever you choose, find the best in your time period and share it with others. The boys can work on the Heritages belt loop and pin this month.”

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Heritages PinHeritages Pin for Cub Scouts  Holidays are a great time for kids to learn some family history. Cub Scouts who really delve into their history can earn the Heritages Belt Loop and Pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program.