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Visit a train station, bus station, airport or boat dock.

April Cub Scout Theme – Soaring the Skies (Faith)

BSA offers supplemental pack program ideas for each month. One theme for the April core value of Faith  is a Soaring the Skies theme.

Here is what the  program helps say about this theme:

Faith is having inner strength and confidence based on your trust in a higher power. When you try something new, innovative, or dangerous, it takes faith to make the attempt—faith that a higher power will guide you and keep you safe. It takes faith when we want to fly into the soaring skies. We need faith in the pilots, co-pilots, the engine and electrical system, the compass, and all of the airplane’s instruments. More importantly, it is faith that gives you the courage to board a plane, knowing that a higher power will make sure you take off, fly to your destination, and land safely. This month’s theme reminds us that faith helps us reach for the sky with our goals and that we should keep faith in all aspects of our lives.

So this theme focuses on depending on faith to reach lofty goals.  Below you’ll find some ways to form your pack and den programs around this theme.

See my Soaring the Skies  page for more ideas related to this theme.

April Cub Scout Theme – Soaring the Skies (Faith)

Tiger Cub Scouts

Wolf Cub Scouts

Bear Cub Scouts


Academics and Sports Program

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Tiger Cub Electives – Group or Individual?

Lacye asked this:

My question is, are tiger cub electives done in a group or can they do them on their own?

All Tiger Cub activities are to be done with an adult partner. The adult partner can be a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. I’ve even had a college aged sibling do activities with a Tiger Cub. They can do them at home, at a den or pack meeting, or at another Cub Scout event.  The important thing is that their adult partner be there helping them with it.

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BSA Tiger Supplemental Den Meeting Plan K – Go See It: Go to Work

BSA provides a set of Tiger den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders. There are 16 basic Tiger den meeting plans and then some additional supplemental Tiger den meeting ideas. This den meeting plan covers Tiger Elective 39 – Go to Work.

You can download the complete meeting plan from the BSA website: Printable copy of BSA Tiger Den Meeting Supplemental Plan K – Go See It: Work

Tiger Den Meeting Ideas – Go See It: Work

Preparation and Before the Meeting

To prepare for this meeting, arrange to visit the workplace of one of the adult partners. This is a good way to get another parent involved in your Cub Scout program. Chances are that one of the adult partners in your den works someplace which would be interesting for the Tiger Cubs to visit.


Make thank you cards or a poster for the place you are visiting. Or see my gathering activities page for some other ideas.

Opening and Business

Keep it simple. You might not have a flag where you are visiting, but you could say the Cub Scout Promise.


You will be doing one of the Tiger Cub Scout electives:

Tiger Elective 39 – Go to Work: Visit the place where your adult partner or another adult works.

What you will do there depends on the location.  Depending on where you visit, you might be fulfilling one of these other Tiger electives also:

Some of the other Tiger electives also might be worked into your visit. See the full list.


Keep it simple. Say the Law of the Pack.

After the Meeting

Have the Tigers thank the people at the workplace they visited. Don’t forget to arrange for some parents to help you prepare for the next meeting.

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BSA Tiger Den Meeting Plan 12 – Go See It: Transportation

This is the twelfth in the series of Tiger Cub Scout den meeting plans provided by BSA. This Tiger Cub Scout den meeting plan focuses on Tiger Cub Scout elective 41 – Transportation:

Visit a train station, bus station, airport or boat dock

You can download the meeting plan from the BSA website: Printable copy of BSA Tiger Den Meeting Plan 12

BSA Tiger Den Meeting 12 – Go See It: Transportation

Preparation and Before the Meeting

Most of the preparation for this meeting involves deciding where you want to go and making the arrangements.


If you are meeting at the station, you might have difficulty coming up with an appropriate gathering activity. It will have to be simple. A crossword puzzle or word search would work well.


Keep the opening simple. If the station has a flag pole, that is a perfect place to say the Pledge of Allegiance.


Keep business to a minimum.


I suggest you review travel safety with the Tiger Cubs.  Then go over how to read a schedule.

If possible take a ride on the transportation system. When LC’s den did this, they went for a ride on our local light rail system. Many of them had never ridden on it before and it was a great adventure for them. They just rode a little way and then made the return trip.


Closing in a public place should be simple. You can even close with the Cub Scout motto:

Do your best.

After the Meeting

You shouldn’t have any clean up for this meeting. But don’t forget to talk to the other parents and recruit help for the next meeting.

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Red Light Green Light

When working with Cub Scouts, remember KISMIF – Keep It Simple. Make It Fun.  Sometimes we come up with elaborite or complicated plans when our young Scouts would really be just as happy with something simple.

Red Light Green Light is a great example of this. It is simple and requires no preparation or materials. My Cub Scouts always enjoy these “classic” playground games. And surprisingly, you might find one or two in your den who have never played it.

This would go well with any “travel” themed meeting. Most of you will know how to play this game, but here are the instructions just in case.

Red Light Green Light


  • None!


  • None!


  1. Choose somebody to be “It”. The person who is It is the Traffic Light.
  2. Everyone else should start in a line about 20 feet away from the Traffic Light.
  3. The Traffic Light should face with his back to the group and shout “Green Light”. Everyone can start running toward the Traffic Light.
  4. The Traffic Light shouts “Red Light” and faces the group. Anyone the Traffic Light catches still running is out.
  5. The Traffic Light continues to alternate turning away from the group and shouting “Green Light” and turning toward the group and shouting “Red Light”, with anyone getting caught running on a red light being out.
  6. The first person to tag the Traffic Light wins and gets to be Traffic Light for the next round.


  • There are many local variations of this game. Make sure everyone agrees on the rules before you start.
  • Don’t run to fast or you won’t be able to stop when the Traffic Light says “Red Light”.
  • The Traffic Light must completely say “Red Light” before turning around. This gives everyone a second to stop.
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Travel Safety Checklist for Cub Scouts

Most of us will be travelling this summer. We might be going on a vacation, heading out to camp, or taking a weekend visit to see relatives. So this is a good time to review travel safety rules with our kids.

Some of these might seem really common sense, but young children might not be aware of them. These would fit in well with Bear Achievement 10a, Webelos Traveler activity badge requirement 11, or requirement 3 for the Family Travel pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program. This could also be used as part of a safety notebook for requirement 2 for the Webelos Fitness activity badge.

Travel Safety Checklist for Cub Scouts

When traveling by car

  • Always wear a seatbelt. There should be one seatbelt for each person. Never buckle two people in with one belt.
  • Never ever ride in the cargo area of a van, station wagon, or pickup truck.
  • Don’t distract the driver. Take some toys or games to keep yourself occupied so the driver can focus on driving.
  • Don’t travel in a car which is not in good repair.
  • Be aware of what is going on around you, especially when you are entering and exiting the car.
  • When exiting a car parked on a road, always exit on the side next to the sidewalk or the shoulder of the road. Never exit on the side which has traffic driving past.

When traveling by public transportation (plane, train, bus, boat, etc.)

  • Always stay with your group. Pay special attention to this when boarding and leaving.
  • If you need to use the restroom, take an adult with you.
  • Have a designated place to meet, just in case you do become separated.
  • Have your parents point out the people who can help you, like security officers or attendants.
  • Keep your parent’s contact information in your pocket.
  • Only talk to other passengers if your parents are with you. Don’t give other passengers personal information about yourself (last name, phone number, etc) when you are talking to them.
  • Keep your luggage stowed where it belongs. Make sure anything valuable is stored out of sight.
  • Never take anything which resembles a weapon on public transportation. If you have your pocketknife with you, it should be packed in your luggage and never taken out.
  • Be aware of what is going on around you. Pay attention to any rules which are explained by the attendants.
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Helps and Requirements for Tiger

Tiger Cubs is the Cub Scout program for boys in 1st grade. Find helps and requirements for the Tiger program on this page.

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