Cub Scout Archives: Tiger Achievement 1 - Making My Family Special

Tiger Achievement 1 is about learning more about family. Find helps for this achievement here.

1F – Family Activity: Think of one chore you can do with your adult partner. Complete it together. and Character Connection: Responsibility
1D – Den Activity: Make a family scrapbook
1G – Go See It Activity: Go to a library, historical society, museum, old farm, or historical building, or visit an older person in your community. Discover how family life was the same and how it was different many years ago.


Recycled Cereal Box Scrapbooks

Cub Scouts like to make scrapbooks with pictures and mementos. But you don’t need to go buy expensive scrapbooking supplies to do this activity with your den of active boys. Remember, their idea of a fun activity doesn’t always translate into a neat, perfect looking project. For them, half of the fun is doing it […]

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Helps and Requirements for Tiger

Tiger Cubs is the Cub Scout program for boys in 1st grade. Find helps and requirements for the Tiger program on this page.

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