Planting Seeds of Kindness Theme

Here is what the old program helps said about this theme: “Let’s spread Seeds of Kindness in the form of
multiple small service projects. Helping others encourages compassion and gives
boys the opportunity to see the bounty produced by spreading many small seeds of
kindness. The boys can discover that just as the large, strong oak tree came from
the small acorn, big things can happen from spreading small seeds of kindness and
charity. Conduct a food drive or collect coats and gloves for those in need; report your
hours to Good Turn for America. Work on the Citizenship belt loop and pin.”

Related Cub Scout Achievements

Citizenship Belt Loop and Pin

Tiger Elective 9 – A New Friend

Tiger Elective 10 – Helping Hands

Tiger Elective 11 – Helping the Needy

Tiger Elective 12 – A Friendly Greeting

Wolf Achievement 12 – Making Choices

Bear Achievement 24 – Be a Leader

Webelos Citizen Activity Badge

To add additional crafts and activities to this theme, incorporate some projects which tap in the “seed” idea.

Tiger Elective 30 – Plant a Seed

Wolf Elective 15 – Grow Something

Bear Elective 12 – Nature Crafts

Naturalist Activity Badge

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

We always carve at least one Jack ‘O Lantern in October. We never let the seeds go to waste though. We roast them and eat them instead. These never last long in our house.

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Measuring Cups

Sunflower Seed Trail Mix

Trail mix recipes are abundant. Basically, anything which holds up well in a ziploc bag can be used. Sunflower seed enthusiasts will enjoy this Sunflower Seed Trail Mix recipe.

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US Flag

Scouting For Food

The featured core value for Cub Scouts for the month of November is citizenship. Our Pack will help encourage citizenship in our Cub Scouts by participating in the local Scouting for Food program.

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Seed Mosaics Craft

Here’s a spring craft idea for all of you Tiger leaders. Have the scouts make a seed mosaic to give to mom for Mother’s Day. You can even fulfill Tiger elective 2: Make a decoration with your family or den. Display it or give it to someone as a gift.

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