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Cubs in Shining Armor Theme

Here is what the old program helps said about this theme: “Let our heroes shine as they welcome new Cub Scout Knights into their den and pack. Learn about chivalry and the rules of the Roundtable. Make medieval costumes and design your own coat of arms. Find out what life was like in the times of castles and knights. Cub Scouts can be ‘knighted’ as they advance in rank.”

Archery Pin

Archery Pin for Cub Scouts

All of my sons earned the shooting sports recognitions as Cub Scouts, either at day camp or resident camp. If you have a Cub Scout who loves to shoot, find an opportunity for him to earn the Archery pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program.

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Archery Belt Loop

Archery Belt Loop for Cub Scouts

According to the age-appropriate guidelines in the Guide to Safe Scouting, Cub Scouts can only participate in archery at council or district programs. So you can’t plan a pack archery outing. But if a local council or district day camp, resident camp, or council managed family camping programs offers archery, your Cub Scouts might get […]

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